For girls, a perfect appearance is like praying five times or going to church on Sundays. The law is obligatory. You can start from beautiful and neat nails, because beautiful is not just a matter of face.

Here are tips for nail design that will make you look beautiful, the first thing you have to do is clean your nails with a manicure, then shape the nail as you want it to look neat.

Here are several tips of nail designs that will make you look more beautiful:

  1. Design a plain nail color with gradations of glitter, choose two complementary colors that will look beautiful when combined on your nails.
  2. Polka-dot design, you can make simple dots first on the nail using colored nail polish. After drawing the dots you can design them into flowers and your nails will look sweeter.
  3. The marble nail polish craze has still not dialed down and we’re extremely happy about that because let’s face it…it’s so beautiful. Besides, it is absolutely gorgeous and luxurious!

Can’t make it yourselves? Don’t worry! VS Beauty Parlour is ready to serve you dear beautiful ladies…

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