If you are looking for a luxury eyelash extension salon using an eyelash product that is soft and comfortable to wear along with an installation process by expert therapists, VS Beauty Parlour is the right choice.

We present a luxurious and cozy interior with a variety of eyelash extension menu choices and competitive prices (starts from 350K).

VS Beauty Parlour offers 5 types of eyelash extension:

  • Classic Natural (natural design follows the original eyelash design) for ladies who want to try the eyelash extension but want to look natural,
  • 2D (double eyelash installation) for ladies who want thick and shaky eyelashes,
  • Russian Volume (the design expands like a fan with eyelashes that is very soft and light) for ladies who want to have dense eyelashes, shaking and look luxurious,
  • Hybrid Lash (a mixture of natural design and very good volume that is suitable for all types eyes) for ladies who want a natural design but expand and look luxurious,
  • Mega Volume (For the ultimate in voluminous lashes. Mega Volume gives eyelashes the appearance of intense volume, fullness, and length.)

We also provide free consultation before the process if you are still unsure about what design is suitable for your eyes type. Experience the beauty of longer, fuller lashes and freedom from mascara only at VS Beauty Parlour! Book your Beauty Lash Day NOW!

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