So you’ve had your gorgeous eyelash extensions applied at the one and only VS Beauty Parlour and not only you love them, but you want to keep them forever and ever!!!

Believe us, we get it!!! So here are a few insider tips to make it last!

  1. Sleep on your back.This might sound like a crazy request (unless you already sleep on your back), but it’s really important directly following your application, since the glue takes a while to dry fully and you’ll otherwise get weird kinks. After a night or two, resume your normal sleeping position.
  2. Avoid Water and Steam for the first 48 hours. During this period, the glue is still setting, and if your lashes are disturbed or exposed to water, they could fall out early. You can still shower, just make sure you don’t put your head under the water!
  3. Comb Them Regularly. Easier said than done… Yep we hear you!!! BUT…. Brushing your lashes with a clean lash brush will keep them from crisscrossing and look fresh with every comb… Because no-one likes to look like a hot mess!
  4. Always Use Oil-Free Makeup Remover. When taking off your make-up or cleansing your eyes, use oil-free products, as the oil can affect the bonds of your eyelash extensions. To use, simply apply to wet cotton wool and gently smooth around the closed eye area until all make-up is removed.
  5. Don’t play with them. We know how hard it is to keep your hands off… But if an lash extension looks out of place, avoid playing with it or twisting or pulling it off, you’ll risk losing your natural lashes which would be a real shame!

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