• What is VS Beauty Parlour ?

A beauty salon based in Indonesia, established in 2018. VS Beauty Parlour specializes in four main services: waxing, nails, lash extension and hair.

  • Where is our location?

So far we are in : Ahmad Dahlan, South Jakarta.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, especially weekend. Booking around one day before is advisable.

  • How to make an appointment?

Kindly call or Whatsapp directly to the contact number listed. +6281290725706 or +622127088929.


  • What is eyelash extension?

Lash extensions are synthetic fibers that are attached to the natural lashes using medical grade adhesive. Lash extensions can come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6mm-18mm with a few curl width options. With proper placement, lash extensions can make the eyes appear wider and more lifted.

  • Do eyelash extensions damage your eyes?

The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. They do not. If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes.

  • Is it painful?

Not at all, in fact you will not feel anything and will most likely fall asleep.

  • Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Waterproof mascara or any type of oil based mascara can dissolve the bonding agent and shorten the life of your eyelash extensions. When applying mascara, only apply to the tips of the extensions and/or the bottom lashes.

  • Can you put eye shadow?

Eye shadow can be used as long as it’s oil-free and removed daily.

  • Process duration?

1,5 – 2 hours working time.

  • How long will it last?

2 – 4 weeks (depending on your maintenance, skin type & weather).

  • Are our products safe?

We use Medical Grade adhesives that are LOW FUME and Long Lasting. And our eyelash made from Polybutylen Terephtalate, Top Grade, Ultra Soft, Light Weight, Perfect Bonding (made in Korea).

  • What to do after I get my lash extension?
  1. Sleep on your back.
  2. Avoid Water and Steam for the first 48 hours. 
  3.  Comb Them Regularly. 
  4.  Always Use Oil-Free Makeup Remover. 
  5.  Don’t play with them. 


  • Is it better to shave or wax?

Shaving is a non-permanent hair removal method because it only cuts the hair off at the skin surface. However, the upside to shaving is that you can shave at any time, no matter how much hair has grown back in. Waxing is considered to be a semi-permanent hair removal method because it removes the hair from the root.

  • What are the benefits of waxing?

Waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer. Waxing produces smoother results because hair is pulled from the root. 

  • Does it hurt?

With the right technique, we promise to ensure you have the least discomfort & pain during the process. Our therapists are well-trained and do professional.

  • When can’t you do waxing?

You can’t wax if you fall under any of the following categories:

  1. You have sunburn, cuts, wound on the same area.
  2. You under skin medication that usually makes your skin dry.
  3. You just had an IPL within the last 6 months.
  • What kind of wax do we use?

We use Rica imported from Italy, 98% of natural ingredients, painless, gentle for sensitive skin, also slowing down hair growth.

  • What should I do after getting my waxing done?
  1. Wear soft and comfortable clothing around the areas you’re waxing, especially if it’s your bikini. 
  2. Avoid bathing, saunas, swimming pools and very hot showers for the first 48 hours after your wax.
  3. Don’t use perfumed lotions or creams on the area for a couple of days, as they may lead to ingrown hair.
  4. Wait at least 4 days after your wax before exfoliating the area.
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